For more than 20 years, fechnerMEDIA:has produced stories featuring role models for sustainable action. Thus, over 100 high-profile television documentary films, ecology reports, media campaigns, industry and information films and trailers for European television channels, educational facilities, visionary companies, government ministries and ecologically focused agencies have been created over the course of the years.

The interdisciplinary team of expert journalists, media designers, directors and producers is always called upon when compelling audiovisual depictions of relevant topics pertaining to sustainable development are required. The company also attempts to live out and propagate the sustainability message communicated through its own audiovisual publications. 

n its broadly based cinema documentary film project THE 4TH REVOLUTION – Energy Autonomy, the company synergizes its over 20 years of expert competencies in numerous ways.

Author and Director: Carl-A. Fechner

Producer: Carl-A. Fechner

Protagonists: Hermann Scheer, Bianca Jagger, Muhammad Yunus, Maximilian Gege, Matthias Willenbacher, Zhengrong Shi, Elon Musk, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, Preben Maegaard, Ibrahim Togola

Executive Producer: Irja Martens

Head of Production: Gabriele Di Stefano

Director of Photography: Sorin Dragoi (RSC) (German Camera Award 1998 and 2008, nominated for THE 4TH REVOLUTION - Energy Autonoym 2010)

Editor: Mona Bräuer (Award of German Film Critic, Award for Best  Editing 2005 and 2008) David Gruschka

Sound: Laurent Desmetz

Music: Natalia Dittrich (Rolf-Hans-Müller-Award 2008)

Sounddesign: Matz Müller, Erik Mischijew (Out of Silence Ltd.)

Mixing: Manuel Karakas

Production: fechnerMEDIA