The project assembles a cinema documentary film project that is sustained both financially and conceptually by a broad movement, with the goal of activating a strong social dynamic towards an energy supply breakthrough. The momentum-filled character of the project manifests itself in its widely ranged financing through crowd funding and the event campaign following the film.

The goal is to reach people in at least 10 countries in Europe and beyond with the “revolutionary” message of the film through a national campaign in their respective country. Throughout Europe. In India. In Russia. In China and Japan. In the USA. In Canada. In Africa. Everywhere around the world!

The international media campaign is designed to publicize the film world-wide through a range of media.  To that end, the community crew of the fechnerMEDIA team is opening its doors and inviting “ambassadors” of the film – media experts, environmental activists, journalists and energy specialists from various countries – to 6-12-week long trainee programs in the campaign office in Berlin. Under the direction of an experienced communications expert, these “ambassadors” will develop a decentralized concept, tailor-made to fit the concerns and possibilities of their localities in order to disseminate the film in their country. They will start to make their individual campaign concept a reality and begin to implement it already in Berlin. 

At the end of the trainee programme they will return to their country and carry out their plans on site in the next 6-8 weeks. Or longer. All expenses and a fair trainee compensation will be assumed by fechnerMEDIA. Please request our complete information brochure related to this offer.  The campaign is scheduled for 18 months. It has been calculated at around €180,000euros and should be completely financed through funds from engaged, internationally operating companies as well as involved institutions and individuals. It will begin when 75% of the financing has been pledged.
Our possibilities for cooperation in the international campaign: 
- Cross promotion 
- Special screenings for your own, unique target group
- Merchandizing
- Cooperation with educational institutions (schools, universities, continuing education facilities) 

We want to implement the campaign in your country according to your wishes! Let‘s talk about it! 
Join the revolution whether you are a company, an enthusiastic individual or just revolutionary!